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After getting a job in Tokyo, I moved here and started a new life. While I was arranging things, I saw a couple having sex in the apartment opposite!!! The buildings on both sides are quite close to each other, the windows are wide and unobstructed, standing on one side you can see the entire other side. It seemed like the two of them didn't think anyone would see. She carelessly changed her clothes and got intimate with her boyfriend right next to the window, so I had the opportunity to watch her more closely. It seems like she's a mixed-race girl, with white skin, a beautiful face, and a slim figure, all of which I saw! And then I was discovered, she didn't seem angry at me and waved for me to come over. She is Lauren, she noticed that I am also a gentle person so she has a favor to ask me. The story is that Lauren's boyfriend still has sex with her very often, but he always takes the initiative, causing Lauren's lovemaking skills to not improve. So she wanted me to "practice" with her to improve her sexual skills. If she doesn't agree, she will tell her boyfriend that I was peeping. There was no other way, I had to agree. And then our relationship started from there, we constantly "practiced" every time Lauren's boyfriend was away. But there's a truth that I don't know, that is, her boyfriend also knows this...

STARS-533 The young man had an affair with the neighbor in the opposite room

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 Actor: Lauren Karen 

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