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Iori and her husband have been married for a long time. Recently, her husband often goes out drinking and the two often have conflicts. Today I came to visit my husband's junior couple, Yuki – Kentaro's wife, when she saw the difference between the old couple, she immediately suggested that the two families camp together, in addition, they swapped husbands, that also changed and the trip went smoothly. . Iori's husband didn't seem to want to, but because he wanted to prove that he didn't care about his wife, he reluctantly agreed. Iori was angry and agreed to comply. So the camping trip was decided like this. When they arrived, Iori wanted to prank her husband and Kentaro was really brave so Iori laughed and joked with him all day. At night, because it was a husband and wife swap, Iori slept with Kentaro. When she woke up in the morning, she saw him hugging her. She probably thought it was Yuki, so she did that. But when he woke up, the gentle feeling of Iori's arm, the gentle scent, and the beautiful face made Kentaro unable to stand it anymore. He continued to pull her even though Iori and his wife were preparing breakfast outside

Two brothers swap wives to fuck while camping

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