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On one occasion, he accidentally invited a subordinate home for dinner. The director was too subjective and did not take precautions, causing everything to happen too quickly and dangerously. After both of them drank a lot of alcohol, due to poor alcohol tolerance, the director quickly fell asleep, leaving only his wife and the junior employee still awake. But because at that time he was filled with alcohol, felt uneasy, and craved the woman's body, so he decided to take the risk of raping his boss's wife. Although she fought back fiercely at first, after only a short period of time, she gradually joined in and began to accept what was happening to her.

PGD-606 Stealing with a colleague's wife

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 Movie Code: PGD-606 

 Actor: Asami Ogawa 

 Category: Adultery Sex Movie Rape Sex Movie Japanese Sex Movies Jav XNXX XVIDEOS VLXX 

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