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Hibiki is the principal of Otsuki Academy, her daughter Iori and her best friend Yu also work here. There is also Kiyoshi, her husband's stepchild when she remarried. Before he passed away, her husband asked her to take good care of Kiyoshi, so she always pampered him, letting him work cleaning and repairing miscellaneous things for the school. But Kiyoshi has a perverted hobby: stealing women's underwear! He stole from students to teachers, even his stepmother stole! Iori knew about this and told Hibiki many times, but she still did not have the heart to fire Kiyoshi. But because Kiyoshi was becoming more and more outrageous, Hibiki asked Yu to find evidence of him stealing underwear. When Yu went to his room, he found him "doing business" with stolen underwear. While being beaten by Yu, suddenly a voice came out. It seemed that only Kiyoshi could hear this voice. The voice lured him to remove the seal under the shelf. After removing it, he would give him the power of a devil and he could control everything within the range of the barrier. Kiyoshi obeyed and removed the seal. From then on he had the power to manipulate other people's minds, and the first thing he thought about was fucking the beautiful nurse Shinoda he had always wanted, followed by his stepmother and his seductive stepsister. ..

The young man has the power to control other people's minds

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 Actor: Iori Kogawa 

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