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Arina is a trainee teacher at a high school. She is the homeroom teacher of a class of very individual and difficult students. She often yells at the children, so they are looking for ways to get back at her. One day when she went to school and went into the locker room, Arina discovered a masturbation device called a vibrating egg. It was deliberately placed in front of the locker by a student to trap his teacher. And then she picked it up and took it to the bathroom to masturbate. Seeing that she had fallen into the trap, they secretly filmed their teacher masturbating and then used that as an excuse to force her to have sex with them.

A trainee teacher was caught masturbating by a student

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 Actor: Arina Hashimoto 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Jav Adultery Sex Movie Beautiful Girl Sex Movie Student Sex Movie 

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